Om oss

Recycle for the future 

Older houses and careful renovations have filled our lives since we bought our first "shack" in 2001. Our second project, Rödmosse G:a Skola, which we brought to life, can be read about in both Hus & Hem (2007) och Sköna Hem (2009)

After a few more houses and renovations, we are now moving to Vasia, Liguria, in Italy. Another renovation item but this one has been untouched for decades. You will eventually be able to follow us on Instagram.

Once on site, Henrik can help with window renovation, design, photography and more, and Catharina with healthcare advice and simple plastering.

If you want to visit us, you are welcome to our B&B - but it will take a while before it is completed.

August 2022