Starting to clear the house


We are up early, as always, and go to the house to clear out all the stuff, clothes, bottles and trash in Armando's place. The part of the house that we will live in first and that will later become Airbnb. It is a real mess because he has left a lot of rubbish. We decide to keep the large wardrobe, the stove, the fridge (for now) and some small things that are found. The only question is how we can get rid of all the things. Where are we going? What are we going with? What will it cost? How is this even supposed to happen? Wood can be burned in the garden, everyone does, or burned in a stove, but the rest - a TV, glass table, sofa, mattress... At least everything goes out on the balcony for the time being.

At 1pm Barbara and Fabio will come by so we can discuss where the stoves should be and more. Before that we go down to Porto Maurizio for a quick lunch at... Burger King. Feels totally wrong when you are in Italy but we have so little time. Which is also strange in Italy. Here, everyone seems to have as much time as they want. There we meet Ulrika, a Swedish woman who has an apartment down by the sea. She has a lot of tips about markets and more. There was reason to return to her.

Back in Vasia, we meet Barbara and Fabio. We become uncertain when it comes to placement. We want to take down a wall and we want to widen a doorway, so the location of the stove is difficult to decide now. In the end, we decide that a chimney on the porch will suffice. We will return to the others. There is a stove in the room inside the terrace, so maybe we can start by moving it to the veranda.

We talk for a long time and Henrik starts to look a little stressed. Catharina has no idea why. Then Andy appears in the doorway. A very likeable German who has lived in the village for two years together with his wife Silke. We are almost neighbors and of course Catharina wants to show around the whole house. In the end, Henrik has to say that now we have to go. The excuse is that we are going to have an aperitivo at Mauro's at 6 p.m. but first make it to Torre ToR to change and freshen up. We have plenty of time. But there is something that Catharina does not know.

Surprise no 1

Our two daughters Olga & Nora are waiting in Imperia. They live in Portugal but Henrik has arranged for them to come here to help us and, above all, see the house for the first time. Catharina had no idea.

My thought was that the girls should join us for the aperitivo, but they couldn't take it so we went there ourselves. Without having a clue of what we were in for, we stepped into Mauro and his wife Olga's place where we were treated to lots of delicacies. We talked for a long time and soon we realized that Mauro is a central person in Vasia. He knows everyone and is extremely keen to help with everything. Later Andy and Silke also appeared. It was a very nice evening and before we left it was decided that we will have dinner together at a super nice restaurant in the old quarter of Porto Maurizio.