The scaffolding is taken down


Today is Friday and the scaffolding is being taken down. Absolutely magical to see the house. "Talked" with Fabio about various details such as the fact that it is white in the window niches, hinges are missing and that it was not clear down in the corner. We went for a quick walk on the street and he said that's how it should be even if not everyone has it. We didn't like it, but then I realized that it is actually exactly like that on the nice facade facing the street. That had to decide the matter - we'll let it be. Now the niches are also straight, so new hanging hinges must be fitted to the shutters. The corner where the crack has been repaired must be reinforced further so that it becomes properly stable, so it is not painted there. This should be done next week. Then they must also remove everything they littered in the garden. He offered to remove the ash pile as well. Perfect!

In the afternoon I installed a spotlight but the dimmer I bought at Ikea was not a dimmer. Typical. I also painted the tiles in the kitchen. It turned out superb, but probably needs to be painted once more.

Andi came by and offered dinner. We were talking when Franca Saluzzo also appeared in the doorway. Lucky that Andi was there and could interpret. We went down into the garden and she was really happy when she saw how nice the facade had become and that the crack had been repaired. After they left, I trudged around the garden and found the remains of the large cactus growing by the facade. Maybe it has made it. Also found an interesting lump with a black floor tile with cement underneath and a red terracotta tile underneath. Maybe the red fine floor is under the floors in the house. Alberto Saluzzo might know.

In the evening I went over to Andi and Silke with an ice-cold bottle of wine and a few beers. They offered black cabbage stew and sausage. The cabbage was from their own garden. Really good and nice. They told me that in the house opposite them lives an elderly couple whose last name is Ansaldo. Related to Giovanni Battista who gave the name to the street.