Picking up the scooter


...and surprise no 2

In the morning we have a new time to fit. First we will pick up the scooter in Ventimiglia. Olga & Nora will drive it home. Looks like the seller looks a little unsure as they drive off but they have a clue.

As soon as they left, Henrik says that now we have a new time to fit. At Nice airport. Then Catharina understands that Hedvig will also come.

We all meet in Porto Maurizio for a good lunch by the sea before Henrik, Hedvig and Nora take the car and Olga and Catharina take the scooter. We wander around the house and everyone agrees that this is going to be absolutely wonderful.

The afternoon is spent just soaking up the atmosphere. The girls take a long walk in the village and also over to the other side of the valley where they take pictures. In the evening, Olga & Nora cook a fantastically good dinner. Lovely to be together again - the whole family.