Painting, sorting and socializing


Today we are at the big fixing day. Catharina, Hedvig and Olga paint everything orange to white. Henrik and Nora sort rubbish. Notes are posted everywhere. Ointment! or Lanciare! Wrong expression apparently but the important thing was salve - everything else is rubbish...

So we were in the municipal hall to arrange Municipal tax and water. Before we bought two "marche da bollo" tax stamps for €16 each. In addition, we paid €50 for a water subscription. Paola didn't speak any English so we will return on Saturday at 12 to meet the mayor of the village - Mauro Casale.

On the way to Torre Papone we slip into a bank just before they close (on a Friday) to finally try to open a bank account. Of course it didn't work. We have to book an appointment and above all we have to have the contract on the house with us to show that we live in Italy. Why haven't we addressed this earlier in the week.

In the evening we would be at Osteria Dell'Olio Grosso for dinner together with Mauro and Olga Saluzzo with their son Filippo as well as Andy and Silke. Hedvig was tired and not feeling well, so only Olga and Nora came along. They don't have a menu, but for €40/pp they serve Ligurian small dishes one after the other. About 8-9 pieces! The wine never ends. At the end of dinner, Mauro has ordered a bottle of schumpa to celebrate our move to the village. They are so incredibly happy and welcoming!

Olga, Silke, Andy, Henrik, Mauro, Filippo, Olga och Nora.
Olga, Silke, Andy, Henrik, Mauro, Filippo, Olga och Nora.