More paint, color samples and fiber...


Today up early to get started and get something done. First stop was Colorofico Michelis to buy more paint. It turned out to be a 15-liter bucket – it will be needed over time...

It is incredibly difficult with the color samples. Got hooked on Subtle Savanna early on, but color samples have an ability to change in different light. And taking pictures to send to Catharina is pretty useless. The samples must be viewed in daylight. Fortunately, Göran has previously worked with the lighting at all IKEA stores, so he has a handle on it. But it's still difficult.

We love the worn patina of the facade as it is on the terrace.

Where it is now freshly plastered, we are afraid that it will become flat. Since it is of course chalk paint, we still hope that there will be some shifts.

By the way, the facade, which we were so curious about, looks incredibly good. It is perhaps a bit "flat", but still has some softness. However, they have made some strange effects, but I asked Fabio to remove them


The painting in Armando's continues and we will finish during the day. The soot color works well so we get completely white everywhere. There are, however, three damp spots in the bedroom that return despite several ironing. That'll be it. Since the terrace is directly on top, we first have to solve the water runoff there.

We have to park the car quite far away because they are digging in the street. We find it incredibly annoying until I read the yellow tape they put down.

Fibra Ottiche... Fiber!

So they are currently digging and installing fiber in the village. How amazing is that!!! The question is how much it costs, but rumor has it that installation prices are completely different here compared to Sweden. It should be much cheaper, then. We'll see.

There are a lot of cats running around in the village, but also the occasional cat. Today we ran into one who faithfully followed us from the parking lot all the way to the house. The chicken we were supposed to have for lunch naturally beckoned. Nothing came of it. During the day, the temperature rises to around 15 degrees, so it's nice to eat on the terrace. Albeit a bit inconvenient...

On Thursday we bought and installed a 50 liter water heater. The bathroom is not very fresh, but now we just make sure it works. Later we will change the toilet, the sink and the bed. We will paint or put microcement on the walls and floor. The roof is a problem that has to be solved from above, but it probably shouldn't be that difficult.

In the evening we tested the stove which is at the bottom of the house in Torre. Ott and Karl say we can have it. Incredibly kind! It will adorn its place on the porch. Or maybe in the kitchen.