Meeting with the bank


Today I had a meeting booked at 9.30 with an official at Intesa Sanpaolo in Piazza Dante in Oneglia (Imperia). Göran drove me there and nervously I stepped into the bank and hoped to God that the clerk at least knew some English.

I said some polite greeting phrases in Italian Buongiorno. Ho una rivenamento alle dieci e mezzo per aprire un conto in banca and ended with Lei parla Inglese?

Yes, she spoke English. Not great, but who am I to judge...

Then followed a long process with detailed questions about place of birth, addresses and various numbers in the passport. I would sign papers with a Wacom pen connected to her computer that failed three times. After several restarts and patiently waiting, we were done an hour and a half later. At the time I had a Visa card and an account at the bank. Unfortunately I didn't get a PIN because I don't have an Italian mobile number.

The tricky thing is that the idea with the account was mainly to be able to withdraw cash without having to pay exchange rates. Italy has a much better developed, or at least preserved, cash handling culture. In the evening I made a bank transfer from Sweden to the new Italian account of SEK 150,000.

Once out of the bank we had an espresso and then drove up to Vasia to start painting. We stopped at the paint store to buy rollers and special paint for sooty walls. Also took the opportunity to pick color samples for the facade. The walls in Armando's are to be painted once more and the ceiling is to be painted once, so we started right away. But first we had lunch on the terrace.

In the afternoon Mauro and Andy showed up. They explained that the workers' Piaggio Ape 50 had broken down so therefor much was still left in the house. They've sorted things out but haven't been able to make a fire like they wanted due to the work on the facade. Yes Yes. As soon as the monkey works, they shall grab the rest.