Planning and asking for advice


Tickets booked. On December 5, I fly down to Vasia together with our good friend Göran. We will work in the house, eat well and have a really good time. Göran stays until Friday and I go home on Monday.

So we have written an email to the architect, also geometric, Roberto Saluzzo to hear about our plans to take down walls and open up several doors. We know where we want the kitchen and want to get the light in there too. The contact surfaces are important. It feels important to know what is permitted and what is really feasible so that it does not just become fantasies.

We envisage a large kitchen with lots of space for cooking. A stable table in the middle and an exit to a small breakfast terrace. Gas stove and maybe even a wood stove. A large pantry (dispensa) with glass walls. A large dining table with room for many guests out on the smaller glass veranda. And a centrally located stove.

In the bathroom that we intend to go in pink, we want a shower tray, two sinks and a reasonably separate part for the toilet and bed as we do not have a separate guest toilet. Bedé is a requirement in Italy.

The bedroom should be bare and clean with wardrobes in the "hall" outside.

In the attic, we think office - with a view. The connection is most likely the best there.

The living room on the glass veranda should have a large sitting area and a smaller one for watching TV.

Downstairs there will be two bedrooms, a bathroom and a storage room for the scooter and more. There we will also open up the stairs down to the basement with an exit to the garden.

In the separate part, Armando's as it is named after Sig. Armando, who lived there for almost 20 years, we should have Airbnb. That's where we've already started painting and it's mainly there that Göran and I will put our energy into when we're down.

In the basement and garden there are also ideas, dreams and plans, but we'll get back to that...