A walk in the older part of Porto Maurizio


Fathers Day. We took a walk in Porto Maurizio's older quarter. Not many people and incredibly beautiful houses, facades, windows and alleys.

Imperia is the capital of the province of the same name. It is located on the Italian Riviera at the mouth of the Impero River. An important port city and health resort. The municipality had 42,450 inhabitants in 2018. Imperia borders the municipalities of Civezza, Diano Arentino, Diano Castello, Diano Marina, Dolcedo, Pontedassio, San Lorenzo al Mare and Vasia. Benito Mussolini formed the city of Imperia on 21 October 1923 by merging the cities of Porto Maurizio and Oneglia and the surrounding smaller municipalities of Piani, Caramagna Ligure, Castelvecchio di Santa Maria Maggiore, Borgo Sant'Agata, Costa d'Oneglia, Poggi, Torrazza, Moltedo and Montegrazie. The name comes from the river Impero. Source Wikipedia

In the afternoon, the name plate finally appeared on the front door. The same nameplate that once sat at Henrik's father's parental home on Linnégatan in Stockholm. It blends in well.

Today we leave Vasia to travel home on Monday. Catharina & Henrik to Viken, Hedvig to Stockholm and Olga & Nora to Ericeira in Portugal. It will be a good dinner from all the leftovers that have to be eaten before we leave.

In the morning before departure, we have time to take a family photo up by the church in Torre Papone. Similar to the one we took eleven years ago when we were there in the summer of 2011. No, it wasn't our cat...

Once home, Henrik went to Torekov to pick up Doris. A sad sight met him when Doris could hardly bring herself to come forward and say hello. She has been a bit unwell lately but not alarmingly so. Henrik's mother said that she had lost her nerve in the last few days. Now she was thin and tired. She had to come to Bjäre Veterinärklinik in an emergency, where it turned out that both of her kidneys had failed. She was dehydrated and weak. Catharina left her work and came there at once. Later we made the difficult decision to let Doris fall asleep. She turned 10 years old. Our beloved Doris who was like a puppy well into her years and who was extremely loyal to her family and especially to Catharina through thick and thin.