Visiting our house in Italy


On November 6, we drove up to Torekov to leave our dog Doris with Henrik's mother where she will be when we are gone. In the evening we drove further down to Malmö and had dinner with Catharina's mother. We stayed over there to fly to Vasia on Monday morning. This time we flew with SAS Eurobonus points to Nice. So much better.

On the way to Vasia we stopped in Ventimiglia to look at a Scooter that was for sale. A Swedish family had advertised on the Facebook group "Welcome to Liguria" that they were selling a Swedish-registered Peugeot Django for SEK 20,000. It felt like a safe and good deal. It was late in the afternoon so we will pick it up on Thursday. We moved on to Torre Paponi, where we will stay for the whole week. The last time, we hope - after all, we have bought our own house...

Today we finally drove up to the house. We had arranged with Fabio, who works on the roof, to meet at 10. Fabio doesn't speak any English but it worked out well anyway. We were immediately sent out onto the scaffolding and were able to inspect incredibly fine work. They even had plastered the outer walls of the attic room and another smaller wall. Everything ready except the downpipes.

It is an incredibly nice feeling to walk around the house and feel that it is ours. Now we can start preparing the house and building our home. Once again...

We got tips from Fabio where it is best to buy paint and more - Coloroficio Michelis in Porto Maurizio. We went there straight away. A good lunch later we bought two 15 liter buckets with white paint plus a lot of cleaning products at Conad. Later, Mauro Saluzzo enters and introduces himself. He is the cousin of the Saluzzo sisters and the brother of Roberto Saluzzo. We speak English, French and Italian with each other and soon he has invited us to an Aperitivo on Wednesday evening.