Signing the contract


It is getting close to contract writing, but while waiting for that, we are trying to figure out what to do with the roof. We have now received a quote for re-laying and insulating the roof. Barbara's guys want €80,000. We get a complete shock and look around for alternatives.

We ask Barbara to speak with Franca Saluzzo, who previously mentioned that she received a quote in January for reroofing and repairing the crack in the facade facing the garden. It came from Impresa Edile Edilta - TA s.n.c. and was €55,000. It turns out that we can take over that offer. It's a hell of a lot of money, but we have to have a proper ceiling. It rains a little everywhere, but above all in the room with the balcony facing the street.

We contact the company, Sig. Fabio Tallone and Sig. Marco di Taliercio to ask them to recycle the brick and more but it absolutely does not work. In order for them to be able to guarantee that it will be good, they want new roof tiles. Since we learned that Franca is the deputy mayor of the village, we think we got a good price. It was originally her quote. We sign.

At the end of September, Barbara gets in touch to finally book an appointment for contract writing. It will be at Notaio Trucca's office on October 10 at 2 p.m. Helena is driving there and we can perhaps join via FaceTime. Then Catharina works but Henrik gets ready to follow the process.

Helena is filming and I can briefly say hello to the Saluzzo sisters. Franca looks happy but Ornella is a little upset and announces that she is not happy after all. The atmosphere feels a little strange. So I see Barbara's stand in because she was also unable to attend this day. The sisters' cousin, the architect Roberto Saluzzo. is also included. We have had some contact with him via WhatsApp regarding which parts of the property are included and which parts are not. The underpass down to the garden and a bit in, for example, is not included. This is where the will came into play. When we sign, we know that the entire property's four floors are included in the purchase.

Roberto Saluzzo has also produced fantastic drawings to prepare for Tallone & di Taliercio who will fix the roof. The scaffolding requires permits and more.

Helena stays there for about two hours to go through the entire contract, but in the end it's done. She has signed via power of attorney and the house is de facto ours. We can collect keys and contracts from Notaion when we come down next time.

Thank you Helena for your fantastic effort and all the help we received!