The roof


The hat is most important. Also in Italy. We have always been aware that the roof must be replaced. A walking tour gives a clear picture of the decay... It will be much more expensive than we hoped for, but it will be good.

The day after the contract was signed, we receive an email from Roberto Saluzzo with photos and drawings that describe the house in detail. But above all, we receive these drawings, which were produced in order to be able to request a permit for reroofing. Incredibly beautiful.

The ink barely even had time to dry before we get these pictures via WhatsApp by Fabio Tallone. Scaffolding erected without disturbing traffic on the street. They also show the apple tree growing out of the foundation of the house. It has caused a settlement in the house and a large crack in the facade. The tree must be removed and they must repair the facade. We hope to save the cactus standing next to it.

All the scaffolding is in place and they are starting to put the roof over the veranda. Looks a bit dreary with the new brick, but that will change over time. We find it strange that they refused to recycle the old ones, but here there is neither time nor language to complain. They leave the slate tiles in the garden so we can use them for something anyway. It is not just the roof tile that is being replaced, but all sheet metal work is also done so that the storm water can be led away.

On the north side, above the street, everything has been exposed and you can see the construction of the vaulted roofs. So beautiful. Here we are going to crawl around ourselves and lay out insulation for next winter.

They are working quickly and on October 31, just over two weeks after the start of construction, this film arrives...