Back again, alone


On January 11, Henrik flew down himself to prepare Armando's apartment as much as possible with the kitchen, bathroom and more.

On the way from the airport, I stopped at IKEA Nice and bought some small things - candles, napkins, plates, glasses etc. and spotlights. Also took the opportunity to eat lunch - Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes. Really sad actually. This time I live in Vasia, so I have brought an electric mattress and a small portable induction hob. Plus cutlery, a pot (which turned out not to work on induction) and two duvets and pillows. Arrived late in the afternoon but managed quite well.

When I arrived I met the painter who was on his way home. I went straight down into the garden to see how far they had come. Absolutely crazy nice. It is almost completely finished and the color was perfect. Faint yellow and slightly shifting. However, all window niches and under the balcony are white. Is it really so...

After a rather poor dinner on the edge of the bed (there is no chair), I went to bed. The night was terribly cold. The electric mattress was good but more heat is needed. Sleep in underwear, socks and pyjamas. The air mattress works well, but you have to lie quite still.

On Thursday I took a walk to the other side of the valley. Not as far as it sounds. From there you can see the house and the whole village. Now it's yellow and nice instead of gray and dreary. Then I drove to Self in Porto Maurizio to buy elements, a toilet seat and other things. Also bought tile color for the kitchen and bathroom at Colorofico Michaelis. The day continued with clearing among the rubbish that still (!?!) has not been picked up. Looked closer at the recycling station and there is as much space as possible for rubbish. In the evening there was cooking with a headlamp but dinner at a table. And a warmer bedroo