We found a house in Italy



Henrik found the house online in the middle of the night in March 2022. In April we went down to look at it. In May we decided to buy it. In June we sold our house in Torekov.

I was looking. for houses in southern Italy, preferably on Sicily, but most of them were far too expensive and not very charming. They were renovated in an Italian style with dull tiled floors and tiles on the kitchen counters. Nothing piqued my interest. So I looked further up towards Tuscany where there were real "rusticas" out in the countryside. Further up towards Liguria, on the other hand, where Catharina's sister Ott has a house together with her husband and his brother and wife, there were some nice places.

Then suddenly this house appears. I woke Catharina and said:

I think I found our dream house.

Below are some videos that the real estate agent took before our visit. She didn't want to fool us, so she filmed without make-up. No styling…