We buy the house in Italy


Back home in Sweden, we have a lot to think about. How are we going to get over the house that is for sale for €179,000. Our first thought is to mortgage our house in Torekov or perhaps borrow money from someone. We are a little desperate. We think that as long as we have the house, we can take it little by little and renovate what is absolutely most important. Slightly naive thoughts circle around in our heads.

This is how we have worked together for almost 30 years. Our focus has always been the home. We have never wanted to buy a ready-made house. It is cheap renovation objects that apply. The children's safety has been incredibly important at the same time that we moved every five years to new renovation objects. The children are brought up in half-finished houses with a constant change.

Then Catharina suddenly says:

But then we may simply sell the house in Torekov and move to Italy full time.

I hesitate briefly but quickly realize that this is how it has to be. We are once again in agreement and we decide to make an offer on the house.

First, we engage our very close friend and broker Karin Z in Torekov, who immediately starts preparations to sell our house. She is extremely skilled and I think we can go out with between 7-8 million. We do a little math and make a simple budget. It can work.

So on May 18th we contact Barbara, the realtor in Italy, and make an offer on the house. We start with a truly shameful bid: €125,000. After all, it's a big damn house with lots to do. It stops immediately.

They cannot imagine going below €165,000. We quickly realize that maybe it was perceived as an insult so we raise the bid to €150,000 and hope to meet there.

Now we are still close. Franca just has to talk to her sister before she can make any decision.

On Friday, May 20, just before the drink, Barbara calls. Nervously I answer and am told that they don't want to go below €155,000. At the time, however, our eminent broker had completely sonically told them that the Swedes will not go over €150,000. The Saluzzo sisters accepted this and the house was ours. It was a really long and lovely drink in the evening sun.