We leave our house in Torekov


We lived in Torekov for just over four years. I have spent all my summers there since 1969 and my parents moved there permanently in the late 90s. We moved there in January 2018 - Catharina worked as a district nurse and I as a graphic designer with auction catalogs for Stockholms Auktionsverk. In the fall of 2019, I switched to window craftsman and when the pandemic came, there was an incredible rise. But Torekov is quiet in the winter. As crazy as it is with people everywhere all summer, it's just as desolate and empty in the winter.

However, we were comfortable in our house, which we renovated and took care of since 2015. When we bought it, it had been empty for five years and had been for sale for two. Nobody wanted it. But separate water and sewage, flooding in the basement and with a roof that arched from the weight of the tiles were nothing that scared us. We paid SEK 1.5 million.

We tackled the house with the same enthusiasm as we did with all our previous houses.

The first was a 1970s house in G:a Lerberget outside Höganäs. We lived there for two years.

The second was a worker's residence opposite Vikentomater in the countryside outside Viken. A semi-detached house we put a lot of effort into and converted into a whole house. We stayed there for four years.

When our neighbor Kerstin started talking about selling her house, Rödmosse G:a Skola, we couldn't resist the temptation. A brick house built in 1921 of 350 square meters in a very run-down condition and with an overgrown plot of 5,000 square meters. There was also a small house on the plot that had previously been the toilets. We moved there in 2003 and had six wonderful years with primary school children, dogs, cats, rabbits and chickens. A constant renovation took place with projects that replaced each other. There was work for several generations... Images from Hus&Hem, Sköna Hem and IKEA Family.

We sold and moved into Viken to a modern single-storey terraced house. Incredibly cool house but there was nothing to do there. Soon we realized that it was precisely life with projects in the home that appealed to us.

Now, however, the work situation had to decide the fate. I got a job at Stockholms Auktionsverk and Catharina as a nurse in the emergency room at St Göran's hospital in Stockholm. We sold the house and moved briefly to Stockholm where we rented an apartment on the Gärdet - absolutely nothing for us.

So we moved to our summer house in Torekov which we bought in 2015. Here we have worked a lot with building maintenance and tried to get everything right and good. It turned out pretty well...

But now we have sold it for such a crazy good price that we were able to buy a small house in Viken, which will be rented out, and a large house in Italy where we will move in February.

Below the pictures I took for Hemnet.